Pelosi will get the job done

Arnetha Pierce
November 22, 2006

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi continues to make history. In 2003 Pelosi became the first woman ever to be elected as the leader of the Democratic Party. On Nov. 7, she became the first woman to serve as the Speaker of the House. For years we have heard only empty promises from the suits in Washington,... Read more »

Minimum wage a joke

Anna Robledo
November 22, 2006

I think that the minimum wage increase in California is absurd. The minimum wage level is supposed to reach $7.50 by 2007 and $8 an hour in 2008. Wage increases should be given based on one’s work ethic, not just because it is mandatory. I believe that increasing the minimum wage will cause a lack... Read more »

Major road work a pain

Joel R. Paramo
November 22, 2006

The construction on Mount Vernon has become a huge inconvenience for all 16,000 people who work or go to school at Bakersfield College. It’s absurd for there to be such major construction done on the main street people use to get to school, while school is in session. Not only is it not smart,... Read more »

Republican stereotype great myth

Becky Jimenez
November 22, 2006

Before this year’s elections, I used to complain and fuss about the coverage and attention everyone put forth toward elections, but this year I stopped complaining and started to see behind the scenes. I was asked to cover the Republican Party on election night, Nov. 7, at the old Rockin’... Read more »

Volunteer and get a free bike

Donny Van Sloten
November 22, 2006

Recycle-A-Bike and get one in return. For just 10 volunteer hours, Bike Bakersfield will take your old bike and replace it with a new one. Volunteer work includes working on your bike, working on other bikes, cleaning the bike path, and cleaning or painting the office. “Our goal at Bike Bakersfield... Read more »

Students and faculty compete

Tyrone Barner
November 22, 2006

The posters are all over the BC campus promoting the AmeriCorps first annual canned food battle. The event began Nov. 1 and ends Dec. 1. The battle puts the students against the faculty along with the administration and staff in what will be an interesting situation in AmeriCorps effort to make a difference... Read more »

Awareness of diabetes a task for November

Becky Jimenez
November 22, 2006

The month of November is National Diabetes Awareness month. In a poll conducted of 10 BC students, only four knew what diabetes was. According to the Juvenile Diagnosis Research Foundation, diabetes (medically known as diabetes mellitus) is the name given to disorders in which the body has trouble regulating... Read more »

Booths gather at Holiday Plant Sale to raise funds for clubs

Marcinda Coil
November 22, 2006

Businesses and campus clubs gathered for the Holiday Plant Sale and Bazaar Saturday at the Horticulture Lab. The event, which was hosted by the Horticulture Club, consisted of booths decorated with holiday items and more, to raise money for campus clubs. “This is the first one,” said staff... Read more »

Legacy burned out

Nick Stockton
November 22, 2006

In an ironic turn of history, the grandson of cigarette tycoon R.J. Reynolds spoke against the use of the drug in Forum East on the 30th anniversary of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. Patrick Reynolds, who is the founder of the Foundation for a Smokefree America and was the... Read more »

Painter of holiday scenes a BC tutor

Katherine J. White
November 22, 2006

“Eat Tofu,” the turkey’s sign reads. The laidback, far-from-desperate-looking painted turkey could be seen in the window located upstairs in Bakersfield College’s Tutoring Center in the Student Services building. A muscular, black t-shirt wearing piano tutor painted the sleepy-eyed,... Read more »

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