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An interview with Tech N9ne: The Renegade Rip Podcast 11-2-11

Martin Chang, Online Editor

After the news brief which ends at 1:03, we play the complete Renegade Rip Interview with Tech N9ne.

Tech N9ne is one of the most successful independent  Hip-hop artist today. He talked to the Renegade Rip about family, the misconceptions he has faced and the current rap scene.  Here are some highlights.

At 9:32 he talks about his feelings before a performance and the difficulty of rapping his songs, he gives an example of this challenge by rapping “Am I A Psycho” off his current album “All 6’s and 7’s.”

At 11:58 Tech tells how seeing his favorite rap artists from when he started out is inspiring. He then talks about how he views the current Rap and Hip-hop scene.

At 22:11 Tech demonstrates how his early days of dancing taught him to rap by rapping “Unfair” off his upcoming album “Welcome to Strangeland” in different ways.



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