From book to big screen, ‘Gone Girl’ a must watch

Trina Goree, Reporter
October 8, 2014

  Amy Dunn is one twisted psychopathic bitch. Oh, and did I mention a wife as well? The highly anticipated movie depiction of the popular book titled “Gone Girl” by author Gillian Flynn came out over the weekend. “Gone Girl” premiered nationwide Oct. 3, and I was among the eager individuals... Read more »

New burger joint a must done-in


Trina Goree, Reporter
October 8, 2014

  Sitting in angst, my belly filled with butterflies, hoping my lunch guests would enjoy their afternoon meal, I am consumed by nervousness. The state of nervousness did not last long due to the superb cuisine and spirits that are in abundance at Texas 28, an eatery located in the downtown Bakersfield... Read more »

Smash Bros. a good one again

Graham C Wheat, Contributing writer
October 8, 2014

  The fighting game-juggernaut that polished and solidified the frenzied four-player format has smashed its way, once again, to near perfection. Your dreams of pummeling Kirby’s cute pink face, or dropkicking Mario’s moustache, are now in the palm of your hand to duke it out on the bus, between... Read more »

Karen O’s breakout album just so so

Elizabeth Castillo, Reporter
September 24, 2014

Known for her wild and manic antics as the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s frontwoman, Karen O somewhat misses the mark in her gentle, lo-fi solo debut, “Crush Songs.” The record begins with “Ooo,” a lullaby-like song that is soft and sweet, similar to the growing emotions of a crush. However, the track that... Read more »

Sweet 16’s for songwriter; the real rap app now catering to artists of other genres

Elias C. Ahumada, Opinons Editor
September 24, 2014

  The makers of Sweet 16’s, the real rap app, are back with a much more fun and easy-to-use update to the popular mobile application. Sweet 16’s version 3.0 has been drawing plenty of positive reviews in recent months. Red Lagoon Studios was forced to make the recent updates because version... Read more »

Madden 15 brings ‘Gridiron’

Daniel Ojeda, Sports Editor
September 10, 2014

As the calendar flips to September, there are only two things that can mean, that the football season is fast approaching and the anticipated release of the new Madden 15 for the Xbox One. Last year’s game, Madden 25, was the first to be released for the next generation consoles and was supposed to... Read more »

Weighing in on new chips


Trina Goree, Reporter
September 10, 2014

Yum! I have a new favorite chip flavor, but don’t tell my ex-favorite chip flavor, it will get jealous. Sorry Lay’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar flavored potato chips, my new favorite ultimate potato chip flavor is the new Lay’s Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger flavor, which was submitted by Meneko... Read more »

Moreno biopic gets faithful retelling

Alisia Sanchez, Photographer
September 10, 2014

It is actor Óscar Jaenada’s noteworthy performance as comedian-actor Mario Moreno that brings to life the beautiful biopic film “Cantinflas,” and it is this performance alone that gives the film its undeniable glory. Jaenada’s performance is an entertaining, quick-witted and zealous force that... Read more »

New ‘Jeezy’ album doesn’t dissappoint

Christopher A. Baptiste, Reporter
September 10, 2014

Atlanta’s heavyweight rap artist Young Jeezy is back with a new album. After appearing on the rap chart back in 2001, he has dropped his fifth major album titled “Seen It All” on Sept. 2, 2014. With a quiet approach, he will make loud noise in the industry with yet another classic. If you are not... Read more »

Game Review- 2D classic shooter proves it is worthy, Mercenary Kings

April 2, 2014

Mercenary Kings gives you the classic feeling of Metal Slug with an RPG element that will have you grinding on enemies to collect supplies to upgrade your gear for hours. You have the choice to play two characters, King and Empress, and they are both infantry experts. The rest of the mercenaries are... Read more »

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