Racist allegations: Seperate reprecussions for front office

Mohamed Bafakih, Reporter
September 24, 2014

  With the wakening of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s case in April, it seemed clear that first-year NBA commissioner Adam Silver would not allow any kind of tolerance of any racial discrimination or prejudice. Five months later, we’re hit with another lawsuit – this time... Read more »

Karen O’s breakout album just so so

Elizabeth Castillo, Reporter
September 24, 2014

Known for her wild and manic antics as the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s frontwoman, Karen O somewhat misses the mark in her gentle, lo-fi solo debut, “Crush Songs.” The record begins with “Ooo,” a lullaby-like song that is soft and sweet, similar to the growing emotions of a crush. However, the track that... Read more »

Cat calls not compliments; be nice or no dice

Brooke Howard, Reporter
September 24, 2014

  Catcalling will never get you anywhere, especially not laid. What is Catcalling you ask? Catcalling is when a person – usually male – gives a whistle or yell at another person – usually female – for the purpose of getting attention and in hopes of a future hookup. This is usually done... Read more »

Athletes and punishment

Daniel Ojeda, Sports Editor
September 24, 2014

  In a perfect world, professional athletes would only be subject to legal discipline for any player misconduct. For years now, professional sports leagues and teams have had to deal with disciplining players, which has sometimes felt like the decisions have been made at random. But for the commissioners... Read more »

Athletes and punishment

Monique Hansen-Garcia, Reporter
September 24, 2014

  The National Football League has seriously dropped the ball on the Ray Rice situation. The league has made a martyr of Rice by exploiting him in his domestic violence case, when other players have had situations worthy of reprimand. The Rice incident didn’t become an issue until we, the... Read more »

Staff Editorial

September 24, 2014

Another fall semester is grinding away. We are already through a month of the 16 weeks and the bewildered faces still linger around the campus. There seems to be record numbers for the 153-acre main campus that the cramped construction walkways alone cannot account for. Let us examine some of what is... Read more »

Bundled books a heavy burden for BC students

Myrissa Johns, Contributing Editor
September 24, 2014

As the new semester has taken way, students might have noticed some changes with some class requirements and book sales. These changes have made buying used books nearly impossible, making school even more expensive and harder on struggling students. In the past couple semesters, more and more classes... Read more »

Dawn of new Internet causing conflict in U.S.

Graham C Wheat, Contributing writer
September 24, 2014

  We are on the edge of a new generation. A new way of thinking, and truly a new way of living is about to unfold upon the world. The edge of the precipice that we as a global society face to scale is now upon us, and the decisions we make today will ultimately determine how hard of a climb we must... Read more »

Sweet 16’s for songwriter; the real rap app now catering to artists of other genres

Elias C. Ahumada, Opinons Editor
September 24, 2014

  The makers of Sweet 16’s, the real rap app, are back with a much more fun and easy-to-use update to the popular mobile application. Sweet 16’s version 3.0 has been drawing plenty of positive reviews in recent months. Red Lagoon Studios was forced to make the recent updates because version... Read more »

Isis crisis putting the US in a political pickle PRO


Elias C. Ahumada, Opinon Editor
September 10, 2014

Since the departure of the United States military from the battered country of Iraq, a group was forming in the shadows. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or most commonly known as ISIS, was establishing their own militia, and had a bloody agenda. ISIS has been considered a terrorist group by the... Read more »

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