BC plans to charge for free parking.

Rober Mullen, Reporter
February 27, 2013

Come Fall of 2013, students at Bakersfield College will find parking much more expensive. “We’re looking at both the parking fee, the amount, and we’re looking at eliminating free parking,” said Sean James, BC’s executive director of administrative services. This comes as part of an effort... Read more »

BC Pres. speaks about budget

Patricia Rocha, Reporter
January 30, 2013

Bakersfield College president Sonya Christian discussed Gov. Brown’s budget proposal that increases community college funding. If this budget proposal is finalized, an additional $197 million will be invested in community colleges statewide. “We’ve had significant budget cuts, so in no way does... Read more »

BC cuts funds to child care program

Daysi Meza, Reporter
November 28, 2012

Even with the passage of Proposition 30, Bakersfield College administration is still facing financial struggles in several areas of the institution.  The passage of proposition 30 will not impede the anticipated changes in infant care at the Child Development Center for the following year. The Child... Read more »

Current college issues concern students

Patricia Rocha, Editor in Chief
September 6, 2012

With the school’s budget situation, financial aid rumors and the rising cost of attendance and parking fees, many students are feeling weary of their futures here at Bakersfield College. Interim president Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg said these issues have been addressed to herself and student government officials,... Read more »

Senate presents resolution


Zak S. Cowan, Editor in Chief
April 18, 2012

The Bakersfield College Academic Senate recently presented its budget resolution to the Kern Community College District Board of Trustees at a recent board meeting. The meeting took place April 12 at BC. The “Senate Resolution on Keeping Budget Reduction Impacts ‘Furthest from the Students’”... Read more »

Chancellor Serrano preparing District leadership

Zak S. Cowan, Editor in Chief
March 28, 2012

After years of preparation, the budget has come full fold, and Chancellor Sandra Serrano, along with the rest of the Kern Community College District leadership, is calling on Bakersfield College to prioritize so that minimal impact is had upon the students. Serrano has called upon the colleges of the... Read more »

New president cutting to core

Keith Kaczmarek, Reporter
March 28, 2012

According to Bakersfield College’s interim president Robert Jensen, “everything is on the table, obviously” when it comes to the budget cuts BC needs to make in the next few semesters. He can confirm that there will be no lay-offs this year, summer session, or in the fall, but he said “after... Read more »

Faculty leaders ready for cuts

Jon Nelson, Features Editor
March 28, 2012

Over the last few semesters, Bakersfield College has seen major budget cuts and it’s about to be hit with more. The BC faculty is currently waiting to see if the worst-case scenario of losing 17.8 million dollars in funding is going to happen. “If the governor’s tax proposal passes then that number... Read more »

Athletic department ready for cuts

Zak S. Cowan, Editor in Chief
March 14, 2012

With new details of the state budget coming out of Sacramento, and the Moorpark College baseball program disbanding after this season, members of the Bakersfield College athletic department are bracing for the likely cuts coming their way and reflecting on the loss of a member of the Western State Conference. BC... Read more »

COLUMN: College athletics must stay intact

Esteban Ramirez, Sports Editor
March 14, 2012

Athletics is usually one of the first things to think of cutting when a school is faced with financial problems or a budget crisis, but I think athletics is one of the departments that needs to stay. Athletics can help the school’s financial issues because a lot of sporting events make a lot of money... Read more »

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