Take time to think of our soldiers overseas

Gregory D. Cook, BC Student
February 13, 2013

Editor: Twelve years of unchanging news can callus even the most sensitive of well-meaning psyches. It was birthed as the iron fist of a wounded nation striking out in well-deserved vengeance, the very embodiment of biblical justice. The Great Eagle had been bruised and bloodied, but it was not down,... Read more »

Blood drive to be held over two days to save lives

Gregory D. Cook, Photographer
February 29, 2012

The Student Government Association and Houchin Community Blood Bank would like to invite students to “save a life” by taking part in the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge at Bakersfield College on March 7-8. Hoping to build on the success of last year’s blood drive, this year’s drive... Read more »

Poisoning pests on campus isn’t bad, it’s necessary


Gregory D. Cook, Photo Editor
November 30, 2011

Anyone who happens to find themselves on campus in the twilight hours of the day can’t help but notice that a good number of six and eight-legged beings also attend Bakersfield College. In fact, they make their homes here. To help control this micro-invasion, the college has hired a local company to... Read more »

Pick a side: The Rebel Alliance or Starfleet?


November 2, 2011

Two members of the Rip’s editorial board debate the oldest argument in the history of nerdness: Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars By Tyler McGinty Opinions Editor Han Solo could beat up Captain Kirk any day. Deal with it, Trekkies. Look, I’ve got nothing against “Star Trek,” whether it’s... Read more »

Gentleman, start your engines

November 2, 2011

On Oct 22, the 20th annual NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion was held at Famosa Raceway.

The Renegade Rip Podcast 10-19-11

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October 19, 2011

This is your Renegade Rip Podcast for Oct. 19. It starts with a news brief. Then Zak Cowan discusses sports and the Duboski’s family multi-generational involvement in Football at 1:09. Then Greg Cook discusses Rage, a video game from ID software, at 5:46.

‘Rage’ is certain to satisfy your id


Gregory D. Cook, Photo Editor
October 19, 2011

It’s just another evening on near-future Earth. In pod-like bunkers called Arks, all over the planet, the world’s best and brightest are being tucked into their cryo-beds and buried in the hope that they will one day emerge and rebuild civilization. In the sky, a rather large chunk menacing-looking... Read more »