Tutoring Center complaint is without merit

Joy L. Wheat, BC Student
March 14, 2013

Editor:   If there was an unbridled party in the Tutoring Center, I didn’t get the invite. Being a former tutor, I feel compelled to address a Letter to the Editor published Feb. 27 concerning favoritism among tutors, a “no-talking” rule and tardiness, tutees and double standards. Let us first... Read more »

Take time to think of our soldiers overseas

Gregory D. Cook, BC Student
February 13, 2013

Editor: Twelve years of unchanging news can callus even the most sensitive of well-meaning psyches. It was birthed as the iron fist of a wounded nation striking out in well-deserved vengeance, the very embodiment of biblical justice. The Great Eagle had been bruised and bloodied, but it was not down,... Read more »

There was more to the smoking story

Jason Stratton, Associate Professor
February 13, 2013

Editor: I always appreciate the overall quality of the articles in The Renegade Rip. From having taught at multiple colleges, I can see the professionalism that is being developed with your paper. I read the most recent edition with my normal interest and read one article that seemed to have missed an... Read more »

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rebuttal to teacher offers a new view on Prop. 37

Robert M. Trabin
October 31, 2012

Editor: As a professor who teaches about food and nutrition at Bakersfield College, David Lightsey commented in the Oct. 17 edition of The Rip that he feels that students need to be more informed about Proposition 37. On that we are in agreement, but not according to the information that he gave.  Let... Read more »

Ringling Bros. offers a different perspective on treatment of animals

Letters to the Editor
September 19, 2012

In the 9/6/12 article, “Protesters against circus at Rabobank,” the reporter, Mr. Luis Garcia, incorrectly states that we at Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey declined to speak with him regarding protesters and our animal care program. Multiple attempts were made to accommodate Mr. Garcia, however... Read more »

Student offers opinion on Akin

Letter to the Editor
September 19, 2012

While reading the Sept. 6 Rip, I noticed an opinion article about Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment.  The article focused initially on Akin’s comment,  but it turned into a man-hating rant.  While I agree Akin’s comment was ignorant, I am appalled that his comment was applied to society.   Steve... Read more »

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Bakersfield College custodian humorous take on campus crush

Letter 1 OO

September 6, 2012

Editor: There is a new superhero on campus, so move over Terminator. The Dirtminator is here. This superhero does not fight crime. Instead, he fights dirt and grime. So think twice before you throw that piece of paper on the ground, for the Dirtminator will snap that paper in the air before it hits the... Read more »

LETTER: Smoke-free campus

Daisy Morales, BC Student
November 30, 2011

Dear Editor, No-smoking on campus should be enforced, even though the smoking limit is within 20 feet from a building. Smoking on campus is disrupting. It may be a stress reliever for some, but many people don’t like the smell. It gives others headaches as they walk by, and there is no way to avoid... Read more »

LETTER: BC classrooms don’t follow fire safety codes

Donna Hamm, Psychology Major
November 30, 2011

Dear Editor, Fire safety is the concern and responsibility of everyone. It has come to my attention that the computer lab and other library lower floor areas are unsafe, especially for physically challenged people. Take for instance the classroom and office of professor Adie Geiser. Geiser’s classroom... Read more »

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: BC Cheer is tougher than you think

October 19, 2011

Editor: I am responding to Zak S. Cowan’s comments on Sept. 21 that began with, “our cheer team is unbearable.” I realize that in the Oct. 5 edition of the Rip you admitted your error and called yourself a moron, which takes some courage. I still, however, would like to set the record straight... Read more »