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Jarrod M. Graham

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Hollywood veterans Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito star in “Heist,” a movie that says it isn’t just plain love that “makes the world go ’round,” but rather the love of gold.

Hackman plays Joe Moore, the leader of a group of professional burglars, including Bobby (Delroy Lindo), Pinky (Ricky Jay) and Fran (Rebecca Pidgeon), Joe’s wife. The group — funded by greedy crime lord Bergman (DeVito) and accompanied by Bergman’s nephew, Jimmy Silk (Sam Rockwell), who is there to ensure the fair distribution of the goods — plans to steal a load of gold from a Swiss cargo plane in a plot filled with enough twists and betrayals to leave the audience’s heads spinning as they leave the theater.

“Heist,” while a relatively good film, does suffer from its slow pacing and a lot of thief jargon. Also, while the many twists kept the film unpredictable, it also made the plot hard to follow in some points.

This film was a steal at the matinee price of $5.50. But if I had to pay the full price to see Hackman, I’d rather wait until “Behind Enemy Lines” opens in two weeks.

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