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Printed schedule obsolete in 2009

Leia Minch

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In the spring 2009 semester, the printed schedules, not to be confused with the class catalogue, will no longer be issued.
According to Director of Enrollment Services Sue Vaughn, the academic department made this decision based on the fact that all of the information is available online to students, and that the cost of printing them was an issue.
She is not worried that enrollment will go down because “by the time the schedules are available to students on the campus, they are out of date,” she said.
Also, she stated that the informative brochures are widely distributed, and there are other marketing tools that the school uses to let students know when to sign up and what to do.
Vaughn said that the students can get the schedule several ways now. “Go to the school’s home page, and then click on ‘class schedule.’ The most accurate is the banner web search because it’s updated every moment.”
Criminal justice major Brooke Gothrick, wasn’t even aware that the schedule was even in print. “This is my first semester, and I just registered online. I had no idea that the school even printed a schedule, so this won’t even affect me.”
Earlier this week, all faculty were invited to workshops where Vaughn taught them how to show the students how to look at the schedule online and register as well.
Vaughn said that things won’t be any more or less complicated.
“We get thousands of phone calls a year with people who forgot terms. This just makes it more possible for more people in more places, and although I am not particularly in favor of this, I am a realist, and, financially, this is easier.”

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Printed schedule obsolete in 2009