BC’s Panorama Grill shuts down after broiler breaks

Maryann Kopp

The Bakersfield College Grill and Café was restricted from selling any food that wasn’t pre-packaged for the week of Nov. 24 due to loss of hot water in the food prep area.
The sudden prohibitions prevented the staff from being able to make and provide hot food for students and faculty, but the situation did not last long as the staff were back to cooking the following Monday.
“We had a broiler broken, but it has been fixed and we are back in operation,” said Theresa Rodriguez, a staff member in food services.
Aside from the incident itself and having to turn the water off in the Campus Center for 90 minutes on Nov. 26 to make some repairs, the general inconvenience was not great.
The situation was explained via e-mail to staff from LaMont Schiers, the executive director of administrative Services.
The e-mails included why limited food was being offered and a warning concerning the Campus Center’s water being shut off.