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Final exams are not a threat for students

Katherine J. White

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What, me worry?
That’s what Alfred E. Neuman usually says, and so do many Bakersfield College students about upcoming finals.
Megan Lillie, 20, psychology major, says she’s not fretting over her finals.
“I’ve got French and world religions, but I’m not worried about it. I’m pretty confident I’ll do fine. It’s been a pretty easy semester,” Lillie said.
“I got just one final. She (the professor) don’t know what she gonna do yet. It’s a health class. Naw, I’m not worried,” said Mike Hannah, 24, carpentry major.
Even students with three or four finals aren’t getting upset.
“I’ve got four finals, but I’m not really concerned. I’m good to go. It’s just my personality,” said Austin Scales, 20, business major.
“I’ve got three finals, but I’ll just study. Go over the book,” said Jonathan Wilson, 20, biology.
Even with three finals, Tina Wolfe, 20, digital arts major, thinks her semester in sum was a breeze.
“I’m not taking as many classes as I usually do,” she said.
Marisol Castillo, 20, criminal justice major, admitted this semester has been fairly rigorous for her because she’s taking 15 units, but she says she’s doing well in all of her classes. But the first part of her Communication 5 class was challenging for her, she said. The second half was much easier for her.
She’s not terribly worried about her grades.
“It’s all been very manageable,” Castillo said.
Erivan Pelayo, 20, nursing major, admitted that he has lots of memorization to do for medical terminology, and he’s concerned about his math class.
Beatrice Jackson, 18, nursing major, is studying hard for English 60 and especially for the FEE.
“I’m working on building my vocabulary and improving my word choice,” Jackson said.

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The news site of Bakersfield College
Final exams are not a threat for students