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Students have mixed reactions about printed schedules

Katherine J. White

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There will be no printed schedule for the spring semester. Bakersfield College students will have to use the online schedule. There are a few reasons for this, according to Sue Vaughn, Director of Enrollment Services. It saves thousands of dollars in printing costs to have just the online version, she said. Also, the information in the printed version often becomes obsolete before the end of the semester.
For example, a large part of the current printed schedule became inaccurate by November. Another reason for having only the online version is that it forces students who may not be computer literate to develop needful computer skills. There are people available in the admissions and records office to assist students who need help registering online, Vaughn said.
“The people I’ve trained have the patience to help,” Vaughn said.
Some at BC prefer having the printed version.
Sandra Bartlett, sociology major, says it is much easier for her to find her classes using the printed schedule, and that is because of her disabilities. Bartlett has polio on the left side of her body and arthritis in her back and legs. She finds it very hard to manipulate a computer, but she can manage somewhat using her right hand. She does not have a home computer and does not like having to ask for help at the Van Dyke Bird Library computer commons.
Tammy Veley, 41, nursing major, doesn’t like the switch to just online, either.
“I don’t like this,” she said. “I don’t have access to a computer, and I’m not computer literate. It’s harder for students like myself,” Veley said.
Students are not the only people who are disgruntled.
“I have three to four programs on my computer all the time, and to add Banner to that is cumbersome, especially with 20 students around my desk,” said Midge Ladd, Tutorial Coordinator at BC’s Tutoring Center.
“It’s just easier to show students the printed version while I’m looking at something on my computer,” Ladd said. “It’s easier for me not to close out any programs.”
Some BC students don’t have a problem with having just the online schedule.
Lee Hogg, 41, history major, says the online version works for him, and if BC saves money, then that’s fine with him.
Others agree that having just the online version poses few problems.
“I didn’t know we weren’t going to have anymore printed schedules,” said Vanessa Swain, 20, nursing major.
“But that’s fine. The only way I get my schedule is online, anyway. But this is bad for people without a home computer, though,” Swain said.
“I never use the printed schedule,” said Steven Alonso, 26, criminal justice major.
“I just look at the computer.”

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Students have mixed reactions about printed schedules