BC clubs display their goods

Keith Kaczmarek

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Club Week was a little tame this week, with only four clubs presenting tables for students, as well as a table for the US Army.

The Geology Club hosted a table with various minerals and rocks and sold tie-died shirts for fundraising purposes. Jesse Richardson, president, said that the club existed to raise awareness for natural resources and enjoy the outdoors. She would like Bakersfield College students to know that “we welcome everyone and we are very socially active and have lots of events,” mentioning activities like their award-winning float for BC Homecoming and various hiking and field trips.

They have a Facebook group called Bakersfield College Geology Club and welcome students to connect with them there.

The Veterans Club presented a table selling flags and wristbands for fundraising and providing literature for vets. When asked about what they would like BC students to know about them, vice president Brad Crowley said, “we exist and we’d like to reach out to vets of BC that didn’t know that we are here.” He also mentioned the club’s efforts to get a Veterans Center on campus, citing the huge number of vets on campus. They have a facebook page for Bakersfield College Veterans Club.

The Theatre Club’s table had several members recruiting for the new semester and member Alex Ramirez said, “we are really open to incorporate other people” and “we are really trying to get more students involved.” He related past club events like performing for children’s groups and retirement communities and the club’s overall goal of improving the acting skills of its members. Students wishing to join the club should speak to the BC acting teacher Kim Chin or show up for meetings every Thursday at 4 p.m. in SAM 107.

Jamell Willey, president of the African-American Student Union, said that his club’s main goal was the betterment of the self and fundraising to help incoming students. He said that people should join the club “if you are interested in making a change for yourself and stepping out into the shining light, ” also mentioning the club’s focus on the next generation and various projects planned on campus. They meet Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the Campus Center.

Sgt. Ron Griswold was one of the U.S. Army members manning their table, and he wanted BC students to know that “we are a valued asset in helping them decide their future, whether it’s the Army or not.”

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