SGA seeks new senators and to improve campus

Brandon Barraza

SGA President Tawntannisha Thompson encourages the crowd at the Be Fit rally Aug. 31.

Keith Kaczmarek, Reporter

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On Aug. 31, the SGA began the first stage of their new BC Be Fit program by starting a flash mob to Beyonce’s “Move Your Body” with members of the BC Cheer team, setting up a “Beer Goggles” driving simulator, and presenting drinking and tobacco use dangers which included displays and General Counsel Derrick Kenner dressed as a giant cigarette butt.

SGA also recently voted on several improvements. They have allocated $20,000 for a new Veterans Resource Center, $18,000 for reconstruction of the Campus Center bulletin boards. They will also include some cases so that notices aren’t destroyed in the rain, and $500 to buy cotton candy machines for use by campus clubs that in the past had been rented.

The cotton candy machines will be a cost-saving measure since clubs have been renting them for fundraisers, and owning the machines will prove cheaper in the long-term.

The SGA has also been going to classes and telling students about the Renegade Food Pantry, a program that gives boxes of food to enrolled BC students every two weeks.

Students can sign up and find out information about the program in Campus Center 4, and must sign up on designated days. There are no other requirements to receive the food boxes.

When asked about the need to combat student apathy on campus, Tawntannisha Thompson, SGA President, said, “If you don’t see the SGA, you don’t know we are out there.  Once you know we are out there, it gets better.”

She then commented on the SGA efforts the last few weeks to tell students about opportunities for students to engage in campus programs and give their feedback to the SGA, saying “Once they knew what we did, people were asking about Senator applications.”

Thompson is a returning SGA member, last year having been the Activity Coordinator. Her most notable accomplishments from last year include getting patio furniture for the campus center and opening up the homecoming King and Queen process so that any BC student can run.

This year she is planning to spearhead the BC Be Fit program and the MAPS peer-mentoring program. Information on both is available in Campus Center 4.

The SGA would like students to know that Senator positions in the SGA are still open.

As a Senator, the student’s role is to talk to other students and contribute ideas for the SGA to act on, as well as help on projects and set-up for events.

Applications are available at the counter in front of the SGA office and students who wish to apply must be taking at least six units of classes. They must also have an overall GPA of at least 2.0.

Positions will remain open until filled and there are still 19 slots open for Senator with interviews beginning the middle of September.

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