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Clubs get to strut their stuff for Club Week

Nathan Wilson

Chrystal Fortt, Features Editor

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Club week promotes students getting involved on campus and signing up for clubs.

Each club hopes to gain new members and promote their goals for the year.

The Theater Club has many reasons for being a part of club week.

Besides wanting to get out the word about their club, they want to promote the annual  “Safe Halloween” at the Kern County Museum and also their upcoming show “Faust.”

As a club, they sometimes have church bake sales and they perform for the elderly.

Tyler Steelman is the vice president of the club; he explained the goals of the club for the year.

“Our goal is to save up money throughout the year and by next semester do our own show in some place like Empty Space,” he said.

To be a part of the Theater Club, you need to be a Bakersfield College student and attend the club meetings.

There are other clubs like the African American Student Union, Native American Cultural Awareness Club (NACAC) and the Gay Straight Association (GSA) that also have the same requirements to be a member.

The AASU isn’t only for African American students but for any race of students.

“It’s not just about African American students; we truly are seeking to have a diverse core of members,” said Fitzgerald Graves Sr., the vice president of AASU.

Like AASU, the NACAC club is open to any student interested in learning about the culture.

They had many things on display at their stand that represents their club.

There was white sage on display to symbolize that they “smudge” members at the beginning of their meetings.

NACAC also had jewelry on display that Native Americans wear during dancing.

The club holds dancing lessons available at Jastro Park every Monday night at 6 p.m.

The NACAC aren’t the only ones that have neat programs for their members.

The GSA is a club that promotes a safe and equal environment on campus for members who support gay students.

They like to promote a program the Student Government Association puts on for the members called the Safe Space.

Safe Space is a program where students who support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning (LGBTQ) community.

It doesn’t matter what the person’s sexual orientation is. All students are welcome to join the club and Safe Space.

There were other clubs on campus that had stands to promote their club like Intervarsity Club, Math Club, Hispanic Organization Promoting Engineering & Science (HOPES), Pre-Med Club, and Mentoring And Peer Services (MAPS).

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Clubs get to strut their stuff for Club Week