Career Day offers BC students job chances

Career Day offers BC students job chances

Esteban Ramirez, Reporter

Many employers showed up to Bakersfield College’s Career Day and gave students different employment opportunities on Oct. 6 and many students came out to look for jobs and talk with the employers.

“This is our first time coming to BC for Career Day, but I like that we get to get involved with students that are interested in this type of job,” said Elidia Vasquez, who is an agent producer at State Farm.

“We are here offering jobs in telemarketing and producing. For the producing job they must have their PNC license and for telemarketing they must have custom marketing and have good phone skills,” she said.

Endee Grijalva, a Bakersfield representative for Fresno Pacific University, was also at Career Day.

“We consistently come out to BC’s Career Day because it’s always good to support BC. We’re here to support students that are trying to obtain the education needed for their career,” Grijalva said.

She also said that students would need 60 transfer units, a 2.4 GPA, and for students that don’t have the units, they offer general education.

“We also cater to working adults by having evening classes and night classes,” Grijalva said.

Maria Lara, an executive administrative assistant for KBAK-TV, was there looking for students interested in broadcasting.

“It’s great to see that there’s a lot of students interested in broadcasting, and a lot of students asking for applications and internships so they can get their foot in the door of broadcasting.

“We are also interested in people that are a one-man band. By that I mean someone that can shoot, write and read their own stories,” Lara said.

She also explained how students that are interested could apply online at

“I think what is interesting about this career is that it’s all about news, and you’re in front giving everybody the news,” she said.

Panda Express returned to Career Day looking for students who want jobs while at BC.

“I think this Career Day is going as good as last year and it looks by the setup that BC really wants their students to succeed,” said Panda Express general manager Mario Maldonado.

“We hire a few people every year from BC’s Career Day and we got a worker here today that we hired from a past Career Day.

“We usually come at least once every year, but it depends on our schedule and we’re pretty sure we will return for the one in the spring,” he said.

Some students gave their take on what they thought of Career Day.

“I’m surprised that it’s very full, but it’s cool that BC provides us with this to help us find a job although I don’t qualify for some of the jobs,” said Pam Valerino.

Noel Castellanos, who is majoring in computer engineering, gave his take on it.

“This is pretty good and I’m glad that students are actually taking advantage of this and looking for jobs. I think that this is needed like once a month.

“What I like about Career Day is it gives us a chance to talk with employers and look at various career opportunities. A couple of jobs I was interested in were KIA management and Memorial Hospital,” he said.

Edgar Martinez, who is majoring in sociology, also gave his take on Career Day.

“I think it’s good that BC actually helps you find a job because there is a lot of good opportunities out here.

“The job that I thought was interesting so far was UTI because you get to work on cars and I’m into that,” he said.

BC will have another Career day during the spring semester.