Employers coming to Bakersfield College

Keith Kaczmarek, Reporter

Career Day is coming back to Bakersfield College on April 25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Campus Center, Fireside Room and cafeteria.

According to Denise Crawford, job development specialist, there will be many employers looking to fill positions.

“It’s a good sign,” she said. “Employers haven’t been hiring for a while. Employers don’t come out if they don’t have jobs.”

She recommends that students come to the job fair with a master application filled out and a resume so that they don’t have to search for information to fill out an employer’s application.

Crawford also stressed that students need to dress appropriately.

“There is always someone in pajamas,” she said, noting that students sometimes don’t feel that they need to dress as well as they would in any other job search situation.

“Dressing and being prepared is key to anyone’s job search,” said Antonio Alfaro, also a job development specialist at BC.

Some of the employers who will be at Career Day include Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Big Five, P.F. Chang’s, Clinica Sierra Vista, Innovative Engineering Systems, and many others.

“They are looking for a skill set and specific experience,” said Crawford.

Crawford wants students to know that these employers are looking to fill many jobs and not just the jobs the company might be known for. For example, Bakersfield Memorial is looking to fill more than just nursing jobs.  They also have openings in the tech department, offices, and cafeteria.

She wants students to keep an open mind and check out what employers have to offer.

“Students who may not know what they want to do can look and see what’s there,” she said.

Most importantly, following up with employers is key to getting a job. Students should get a business card and make sure that they ask whom to contact.

Employers see hundreds of students during the job fair and only those who make an impression and follow-up end up with the jobs.

For those students who are still looking for work, the job placement office is open all year round. They can assist with job hunting and offer computer time and workshops to help job-seekers navigate the challenges of the job market.

“Don’t get discouraged,” said Crawford. “[Employers] are looking for students that stand out.”