Parking changes upset students

Parking changes upset students

Bakersfield College Public Safety placement of one of their printed sign on the borders of free and permit-required parking lot on Aug. 27 to show students which side of the parking lot is the permit-required zone.

Hannah Breeland, Reporter

This semester has brought on changes, some good some bad, like new teachers, different classes and higher parking fees. The one-day parking pass is now $5, a $4 raise compared to last year.

The only warning was an email sent to students six days before school started stating the price change. The Student Government Association felt the price change could have been handled differently.

“On the first day of school I saw students pulling up to the ticket machines, then a minute later drive away,” said SGA vice president Toccara Byrd. “I really wish there had been more notice. It is not fair to the students, especially since a lot of students don’t check their email until the semester starts. This isn’t a university, so the price is just unbelievable.”

There is some good news for students who receive financial aid. On the website,, you can check the box that asks to save $10 and only pay $20 if you are receiving financial aid.

According to Byrd, the administration presented proposals for raising the parking fee at the end of last semester.

A proposal for raising the fee was agreed upon, but the administrator SGA was working with was replaced.

SGA asked if it could be notified of the final decision on parking so students could be warned, but SGA received no prior word until the email appeared, and by the end of summer, the email was sent out without input from SGA.

“When I first saw the price change, I thought it was ridiculous,” said BC student Katlin Mathews. “It’s sad we are being charged this much at a community college. This is how much I pay when I visit CSUB. I now park on the street.”