Gallery displays instructors work

Gallery displays instructors work

Attendees walk around the Wylie and Mary Louise Jones Gallery viewing faculty art.

Ruben Perez, Reporter

The Wylie and Mary Louise Jones Gallery in the Grace Van Dyke Library is currently presenting art from Bakersfield College instructors.

All the pieces on display are the works of the art faculty members.

Each teacher used a different medium to represent his or her style.

Liberal Studies major Lisa Tatman was there because two of her teachers had art being displayed.

“I think the students concentrate on the student’s work in the classroom and we don’t get to see what the professors and teachers are doing here, and it’s interesting to see what they’re doing,” said Tatman.

Art student Jamie Martin was also interested in seeing the art of her teachers.

“I think the students are probably interested, like I was, in what they did. There’s a lot of different styles and I think all together it shows everyone individually,” said Martin.

In addition to students wanting to see the artist’s work, Alan Urquhart of The Foundry art gallery in downtown Bakersfield also attended the opening.

“I’m out to just support the arts and support the faculty that’s showing tonight,” said Urquhart.

“From the student standpoint it’s great to see that their teachers are producing artists and they see that next level of art too, because the faculty has had the schooling and the years working and refining their technique.

“I think it’s beneficial and it’s perfect.  I think every student in art classes in BC should come by and check this stuff out,” said Urquhart.

Art student Breanna Bullard said, “It’s nice to see teachers work and their take on certain things and how we can take it into our work and make it better.

“Borneman’s is really abstract yet really nice and organized and I really love Shafik’s encaustic paintings he’s done,” said Bullard.

The exhibit will be open until Nov. 15.