Learning Center an asset to BC

Mitchelle De Leon, Reporter

The Jerry Ludeke Learning Center aids student success by offering free tutoring, writing consultations and various workshops. Despite being a valuable resource, many students are still not aware of it.

The Tutoring Center is one part of the Learning Center. According to Midge Ladd, tutorial coordinator, it is an underutilized resource.

“Every semester when we get a new crop of tutors, we ask them if they had heard about us, and they say, ‘No, we didn’t even know there was a tutoring center.’ I don’t quite know why they don’t know,” she said.

The Tutoring Center has anywhere between 80 and 100 tutors and 900 and 1100 tutees every semester.

The tutors are students recommended by their professors, and they take a two-unit tutor training program. Additionally, BC’s budget pays for the tutors.

Ladd suggested that getting tutoring is a simple process.

“They just need come to the tutoring center and fill up a request. We’ll match the times they’re available with the times the tutor is available. We’ll call and let them know they have an appointment,” she said.

All tutoring sessions are one-on-one on all subjects. Only English and math are available for walk-ins. Students have a limit of one 45-minute session per week.

She also admitted that tutors have limitations in aiding students.

“We need to keep in mind that we have peer tutors, not instructors,” she said.

However, according to a survey from the previous semester, the Tutoring Center has a ninety-nine percent satisfaction rate from tutees.

Ninety-five percent of the surveyed tutees believed that tutorial raised their grade.

Fifty percent said that they would have dropped the class had they not received tutoring.

Another part of the Learning Center is the Writing Center. Unlike the Tutoring Center, the Writing Center does not rely on BC’s budget.

Instead, it relies on a grant, which established it in 2011.

Five degreed consultants and one CSUB intern are available for free, one-on-one consultations. Each student can get one 30-minute appointment per day.

Kelli Michaud, project leader, said that the Writing Center averages about 50 consultations per day.

During the Fall of 2012, it had 2,273 appointments, exceeding its goal of 1,600 appointments.

According to its Fall 2012 Report, “The most common comments included to increase appointment time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, hire more consultants, increase operating hours and appointment availability, and incorporate colorful art and decorations.”

Michaud said that the feedback has been positive from staff and students.

She said that improvement in writing takes great effort.

“Students have to take personal responsibility.

What we do is assist students through the writing process, so we can give feedback. We don’t write the paper for them. We give them insight and ideas. Just because you go into the Writing Center does not mean you will get an A on your paper. It’s up to them to apply the ideas or not,” she said.

On why students should utilize the Writing Center, she said, “Writing is a life-long communication skill. It will open doors for students.”

Michaud advised that the most effective way to use the Writing Center is to “come in as soon as you get your assignments.

“The goal of the writing center is to empower the students. We are not a magic fix. We are going to teach them are prioritize, and it takes time,” she said.

Visit bcacademicdevelopmentdepartment.weebly.com for more information on the Learning Center.