SAM renovation plans finally underway

SAM renovation plans finally underway

Construction on the SAM building Finally underway.

Ruben A. Perez, Reporter

By Ruben A. Perez



The Speech Arts and Music Building is finally going to start renovations.

For the past two years, the SAM building has been offline and students in classes, such as theater and music, have had to move to other classrooms.  As of now the only change has been the fencing put around the building.

According to the director of marketing and public relations Amber Chiang, “The fencing is going in as a way to start queuing equipment, roll out bins and other materials needed for construction, but nothing has started yet.”

Previously the school had sent out plans for renovations and got those approved.  Unfortunately, all of the bids for construction were higher than expected so the school had to make new plans and send them out for approval again.

“The plans went through and everything went through so now things can move forward,” said Chiang. “It’s under way for sure.”

According to Chiang, the building should be finished by 2014.