Students adjust to a new school and a new year

Nicholas Torres, Reporter

As the new school year begins, many students will find themselves taking their very first footsteps on the Bakersfield College campus while others will be taking their final steps onto the campus.

The beginning of the new school year can bring many mixed emotions, especially for incoming freshman.

Freshman Stephanie Maciel said, “I am excited for what the college experience brings. I know it is not going to be like a major university, but this is like a little preview of what it is like and I am excited for it.”

Another freshman Karisma Normandin, a Theater Art major, said, “I love it here. The professors are great.” Being a theatre art major, Normandin said she is really looking forward the annual Shakespeare fest.

Fellow student Israel Rodriguez, a Criminal Justice major said, “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and being successful in my classes.” He also explained that he feels the BC campus is a good campus overall and that the curriculum fulfills his learning needs.

Even though many students are excited and upbeat about the new school year, some are not as excited about the new school year. Jerry Garay, a Business Administration major said, “I felt like I did not have a summer vacation, I went to summer school and worked the entire summer.”

Garay also explained that he is looking forward to finishing his last year here at Bakersfield College. “Even though I like the campus and the city of Bakersfield, I am ready for a change in scenery and the chance to expand my horizons,” he explained.

For others, coming back home for a semester or two after going away to another college for a few semesters gives students a chance to come back home and better prepare themselves for their future plans.

Ally Eggert, also a Business Administration major, spent some time going to school in the Orange County area for a couple of years but decided coming back home for a semester was the right thing to do.

“Even though I am not going be here for long, I am excited for what Bakersfield College has to offer. I am hoping to get some classes completed so I can go transfer to a university that I know I will be ready and prepared for,” she explained.