Book fair brightens up the day for children close to BC


The BC Child Development Center hosted a book fair Nov. 3-7.

Darlene Mangrum, Reporter


The Child Development Center just had their Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 3-7, which earned the center over $712 in free books for the center’s classrooms. The proceeds go back into the center after every fair held.

The center’s manager, Danell Ward, called it a “success” because she feels that any money that goes back to the children is always a success.

Scholastic books are an inexpensive way that parents can purchase books for their children. Each month parents or caregivers can order books from the monthly flier that is distributed in the classrooms. Every time the center places an order they get credit toward free books.

According to Ward, the center started hosting book fairs to find other options to help support the classrooms at the center. Scholastic sends the center all the displays to host a book fair where parents and children can look at and touch the books.

“In the past we have hosted a potluck event in the evening, and this year we did a harvest festival evening for the families and their children to come and spend time together as they are looking for new books,” Ward said.

Within the last year there were two book fairs held at the center. In December 2013 the fair earned $716 in free books, and in May 2014 the center earned $504 in free books for the children at the center.

“Every time the center holds one of these book fairs they earn credit for free books and supplies that go back into the classrooms for the children and teachers,” Ward said. “For example, we used some money for magnifying glasses, a science kit, and some books.”