Priority registration in line for the semester

Darlene Mangrum, Reporter

Priority registration for the next semester is already on the calendar and students are having mixed feelings about it.

Some feel it is just not fair, whereas others have it and are grateful. Some know what priority registration is, but they are not on the list, and others are looking into it for next year.

Scarlet Stewart, a veterinarian tech major, said, “It is unfair that some students get to register earlier than others, especially when those pre-registration students end up dropping the class at the beginning of the semester.”

Stewart also said, “I have not been able to get a class that I really needed because of pre-registration students, and these students were not even serious about their education.”

Culinary major Kayla Solomon is a priority registration student who believes that the system is very fair because “it honors students that are doing well in school.” According to Solomon, “People who are serious about their education and are in good standing at the college, have earned their priority registration status.”

Isabel De La Rosa, a human services major, said, “I am not a priority registration student as of yet, but I will check in with a DSPS counselor and see what is needed to be eligible. I think all I need is a satisfactory GPA.”

If a student is not sure if they have priority registration, here are a few hints to help them decide if they are eligible.

One, if a student belongs to a specific group or special program, such as, DSPS or EOPS and have completed matriculation, orientation, assessment, and counseling.

Two, students who have completed, orientation, assessment, counseling and have a Student Educational Plan (SEP) on file.

Three, high school seniors who have completed the early registration process for BC.

And students who have already earned a degree at BC are eligible for priority registration after students who have earned 45-60 units have already registered.

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