Resource Week Informs


Joe Bergman

Sharren Olsen and Joe Wright shared information about BC’s adaptive fitness program which is offered as a class here at BC. Adaptive fitness allows those who may not be able to fully participate in normal classes or sports to still workout and remain fit with custom workout plans and training

AK Pachla, Reporter


Resource Week on the Bakersfield College campus, sponsored by the BC Office of Equity & Inclusion and the BC Student Alumni Nexus, was an opportunity for students to learn more about services and find information about clubs and associations on campus.

From Oct. 26-29, volunteers and workers from Equity & Inclusion answered questions, played music, offered treats and hot chocolate, and acquainted interested students with the various clubs, organizations, and services available to them.

The event also highlighted several student leadership roles available on campus, such as the Student Ambassador program through the Office of Equity and Inclusion.  This program, new to BC, sends current Renegades into area high schools to help prepare students for the transition into college.

Nursing student Jessica Garrett, a worker in the Equity office, who helped with their Resource Week table, said interest in the Student Ambassador program was high, as well as other peer and mentor resource positions and organizations, such as Student Scribes and Garrett’s own African American Mentor program on campus, which has recently expanded to address the mentoring needs of female students as well as men.

The other event sponsor, the BC Student Alumni Nexus, was also represented at Resource Week.  Nexus adviser Angie Paquette is proud of the Nexus speakers BC has already hosted, including philanthropist Sandi Schwartz and KGET Vice President Derek Jeffery.  Paquette is also excited for the last speaker of the semester, Mission Bank Vice President and Manager Bob Meadows.  Meadows will speak in the Fireside Room at noon on Nov. 19 on the value of networking and communication in the business world.

Second year math major Miguel Merino took advantage of the information on offer at Resource Week, picking up fliers on the engineering and tech programs, signing up for the Promising Professionals program, and even picking up an application for employment on campus, something he had already been interested in.  “This is actually really helpful, honestly,” Merino says.

For the big finale, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, in partnership with SGA, held a Halloween costume contest on the stage in the Campus Center courtyard.  Judged by applause, superhero Kim Possible took first place, followed by the ever so popular stoner bear Ted, with The Riddler laughing his way into third.

By all reports, Resource Week at BC was a success, getting more students more involved with helping themselves and their Renegade community, but there is always room for more.  Students who would still like to join a club, become a Student Ambassador, or explore student employment options on campus can contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion on the Panorama Campus at (661) 395-4709.