New menus for BC grill

Chris Miller, Reporter

The electronic menus recently installed in the cafeteria are a first step in the tidal wave of changes in store for the cafeteria in the near future.

According to head chef Eric Sabella, the new electronic menus were installed on Feb. 26. The money to pay for the new menus was donated by the Pepsi Company.

“We have a contract with them, and they have a certain amount of money they allocate to us, and we decided to buy this,” Sabella said.

He went on to say, “It’s more pleasing to the eye. Everything represents BC, and we wanted to add something that would add to this representation.”

He also explained that it was decided to add the new menus in order to keep the cafeteria looking as modern as possible.

The goal of making the cafeteria more modern doesn’t stop with brand new electronic menus, however.

Sabella said that there are plans on renovating the whole building.

“In the near future, we are planning to revamp the entire cafeteria to make it a more pleasing place for students to hang out,” he said.

Sabella explained that most of the changes would be made inside of the cafeteria, which would include new tables, seats, and a complete aesthetic overhaul to make it a more comfortable place.

He said that they would be expanding the menu to include more items for students to choose from, although the exact specifics on what would be included in the expanded menu, as well as what the cafeteria will eventually look like when renovations are through, are not set in stone as of yet.

“The renovation will happen in possibly five years. It will be done all at once. We don’t know when the changes will happen yet, but it will happen,” Sabella said.