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SGA presidential candidates election statements

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Manuel Zavala:  My name is Manuel Zavala, and I enjoy serving my community. I am currently a Senator for the Bakersfield College Student Government Association, and I have enjoyed making connections between students, staff, and administration. I became a Senator in Spring 2015, and since then I have accumulated skills and connections to know who to talk to for many issues. Without the Student Government Association, Bakersfield College administration and staff would not have student’s opinions that could possibly affect them, and I would like to continue to speak for the student body.

However, as President, I could make even more valuable connections, which I would gladly share with the student body.

Gene Olague:  My name is Geena Olague and I am applying for the position of Bakersfield College Student Government Association President. As the current BCSGA Director of Student Activities and as a former BCSGA Senator, I have had the privilege of serving our college community and working alongside wonderfully dedicated people. I am a proud Renegade. I have a genuine love, appreciation, and spirit for my school. It is my goal, if elected into the position, to share this spirit and encourage it in others through a variety of activities and events throughout the year, as well as proper representation of my constituents. I feel that I have the knowledge, skills, as well as the desire to effectively and efficiently fill the duties of the BCSGA President. I understand and appreciate the need to forge positive relationships within the college community, as well as promote and build a school culture where students feel connected, accepted, respected … and, most importantly, pride in their school. As the BCSGA President, it will be my priority to lead our school in that direction. It would be a great honor to serve my college community as BCSGA President. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Matthew Frazer:  As I walk around Bakersfield College every day, I see something missing. It has taken me two semesters, but I have finally found what was missing. So many of the students I see don’t seem to have any pride in the campus they spend most of their days at. I believe in taking pride in being a Bakersfield College student. I am running for SGA President because I want to make Bakersfield College a school where every student can be proud of being a Renegade. My inspiration for becoming SGA President comes from my desire to leave Bakersfield College a better place than when I arrived. Bakersfield College will always be a part of my life and I want to ensure that BC continues to grow and succeed in helping fellow students the way it has helped me. Growing up playing sports, you learn skills at a very fast pace. I have spent most of my life playing football, and I am very grateful for all of the life skills this amazing sport has taught me. Football has taught me how to work hard, and how to comprehend and apply high volumes of information. When you walk out on that field, you don’t know what the next couple of hours hold. It can go just how you and your teammates have been practicing, or things won’t go the way you expected. That’s where I learned how to make quick decisions and adapt to the unpredictable. Before the game starts, the coaches shout out demands and different plays, all of which we have to remember when our adrenaline is pumping and we’re so into the game that nothing else matters. You put your mind to what you want accomplished and work towards that goal as a team. That is exactly what I will do if I am elected SGA President. I will work with my student body team to accomplish the goals that we set. I have accumulated great speaking skills from years of being involved in clubs and businesses. All throughout high school, I was in numerous clubs. I gained a lot of experience speaking to large groups of people and learning how to speak to those people. I’m not going to lie, it was not easy at all and not always well received. But after years of spending time in these clubs with different kinds of people, I learned how to approach different topics with certain people; how to read them and decide “What is the best way this person is going to receive this information?” These clubs gave me a new confidence, and I know I could reach our student body and understand their needs and concerns. A government’s job is to serve its citizens and assist them in creating the best life possible. Bakersfield College’s SGA is here to serve that purpose and assist the students in every way needed. The student government is the voice of the student body; making one voice for the college to hear. I will bring that strong voice that will speak for every student involved in the BC Renegade Community. Over my years involved with clubs, organizations, and sports, there has always been one person who steps up to be the voice of the group. I will be that person who brings a voice to your ideas; a voice for the Bakersfield College Renegades.

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SGA presidential candidates election statements