Career Day brings job opportunities to BC

Misty Severi, Reporter

Tables were spread all around the Campus Center, into the Fireside Room, and even out in front of the cafeteria.

It was hard to miss the commotion that occurred as Bakersfield College hosted the 2016 Career Day.

“This is a smaller turn out and less employers than last year, where we had at least 100 employers, but I still think it’s going well,” said Denise Crawford of BC WorkabilityIII.

There were big names, such as Sketchers, the shoe company, brand new to BC’s Career Day this year, and Avon, a company that specializes in selling beauty, household, and personal care items.

While most companies were only looking to add a handful of employees to their roster, Xerox was looking to add as many as 500 new employees aged 18 and older with at least six months of customer service experience.

Frito Lay was looking for maintenance workers, drivers and part-time packers. Avon and Kate Ewing, from Pampered Chef, were looking for sales consultants. “There’s no experience necessary to work for Pampered Chef,” said Ewing. “We just need enthusiastic individuals who are motivated to sell and make money.”

Ewing hoped to add at least two employees to her list on that day and her goal is to add 50 every year.

“We’re getting a positive response,” said the representative from Royal T Management, “but I wouldn’t say it’s as good as last year’s.” Royal T Management is looking to fill four positions, including a groundskeeper.

Other employers, such as American Kids Sports Center, Pizza Hut, California Army National Guard, and the Emergency Communications Center/Kern County Fire also attended the event.

Some students, like Violet Darby, were searching for part time jobs to help them pay their way through school.

“I just need some cash on the side. While Financial Aid covers a lot of things, I want a steady check every couple of weeks that I can spend on me,” said Darby.

Other students, like Marie Santoya, were hoping for more of a career-focused job that will help them branch into the field they’re looking to work in.

“I’m looking for a job in real estate,” said Maria Santoya, a 19-year-old BC student. “I have family in real estate, and I’ve always planned to go into it myself.”

“This was a great experience,” said BC student Gloria Hernandez. “A lot of people helped me out.”

“I have always wanted to be a firefighter,” said BC student Ryan Pierce, “so I talked to some people from the Kern County Fire Department, and they were really happy to talk to me.”