Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Stephen Underwood, Reporter

On Oct. 12, Bakersfield College’s nursing program students hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Week event on campus.

“Our group for the Breast Cancer Awareness Week table is a voluntary group of women at different stages in the college’s nursing program,” says the second semester nursing student, Jasmine Nunez.

“We usually have 25 volunteers and we do 11 events in a semester,” explains Nunez. Nunez also says, “It’s a grade requirement that nurses have to volunteer for a minimum amount of events.”

At their table next to the doors, they handed out information and they had an artificial breast for teaching students and visitors how to do self-examinations of their breasts. Nunez said, “Early detection is always the best, and examining one’s own body while in a shower or laying down especially with a mirror works the best.”

Ashley Anders is the board coordinator, and the nurses do breast cancer awareness events at other places including homeless shelters. When they’re not participating in breast cancer awareness events, the nursing students have events for March of Dimes.