SGA creates a Halloween spooktacular

Joshua Fisher, Reporter

Bakersfield College Student Government Association hosted its first Halloween and Masquerade Ball on Oct. 29th on the BC campus. The event delivered sweet treats, roast beef sandwiches, a DJ providing the hottest musical hits, and to top it off, a free Haunted House Experience in front of the Fireside Room by the cafeteria.

SGA was working hard to prepare for the event during the morning hours for the Ball that began at 5 p.m. and went until 10 p.m. Upon visiting BC, you might have spotted the truck that delivered a giant Halloween-themed, balloon arch entrance, that invited the guests into the cafeteria where the music played, and DJ Sammy Schwartz, the official DJ for CSUB, was spinning the tunes for the Halloween-costumed guests.

Making your way outside of the cafeteria, there were many different tables where departments and clubs set up their tables to promote with Halloween-themed games. One of the games directed by the Japanese culture club was called Yo-Yo Tsuri or Balloon fishing.

In the game, you use a tiny hook to try and grab a thick decorated balloon from a kids swimming pool. Those who were able to win were rewarded candy.

MEChA Club was also there providing many different colors of free temporary hair color spray.

Members of MEChA explained that the event was not just meant for students by any means, but the entire Bakersfield community.

Many students brought their families to the Masquerade Ball, and the event became all the rage for the younger children who were able to enjoy the snacks, the games, and the performances that were displayed on stage in the cafeteria in-between the DJ’s track list.

During one of the main performances, there was a dance set forth by the Theatre Department complete with a choreographed version of “This is Halloween,” the popular song originally in Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The dance began on stage and made its way into the audience and throughout the crowd ending in a traditional masquerade themed dance. Its primary motif was to capture the original masquerades of the 16th century Renaissance.

During the performance, the crowd joined in during song and dance, and the DJ made his way back to the limelight with more music through the night. The Haunted House continued to attract guests throughout the night, and after, a lengthy line of patrons and their children.

You enter into a dark tunnel provided by the SGA, finalized with spooky outfits and the only lights come from the glowing red eyes of skeletons and other creatures and ghouls. Other than that, the only way of navigating through the activity was the little moonlight that entered through the black fabric of the tent. there was a steady flow of guests, who came if not only for the free food, and continued to arrive all throughout the night, even up until the end of the event at 10 p.m.

At the end of the night, many of the guests who attended met at the ball to make their way to the other Halloween-themed events and parties planned for the rest of the Saturday night.