Workshop prepares students for transferring to CSUs

Mario Saldana, Reporter

We are close to the end of the semester, which means some students here at Bakersfield College are ready to send their applications to four-year universities. It seems like a stressful thing to do and some students get a little lost or nervous at this time, but on Oct. 24 BC held a CSU workshop on campus to help with any students ready to apply to universities.BC counselors Mark Osea and Marisa Marquez gave the instructions at the workshop to a room full of students who were ready to work on applications. Osea went step by step while projecting the computer screen on how to set up an account on, and set up a profile where you are able to fill out four free applications. From there, he clicked on a school to show how an application should be filled out for personal information and the part every student finds hard to do, counting up your credits and GPA.

The workshop gave students a better understanding on which credits are transferable to a CSU, the requirements for transferring and how to meet those goals to get an applicant a better chance when competing for a spot.

Questions were also answered from students who went to the workshop about their application and the necessary requirements to apply to a CSU of their choice.

If one ended up missing the workshop and has questions about applications or how to get started, Osea and Marquez are available in the counseling office to meet with students Monday through Wednesday between 8 to 10 a.m. with a 10-minute review on the application process.