Students share studying methods

Daulton James Jones, Reporter

This semester is coming to a close, which means that project deadlines, last chance extra credit opportunities, and finals are right around the corner as well. With that being said, preparation is a must. Whether that be holding a big group study session with friends and classmates or centering yourself by doing yoga. Prepping for finals is necessary.

Natalie Jones, 18, is a first semester BC student, and is preparing for finals with her friends by her side. It’s a tradition they have.

“All through high school my friends and I started this finals tradition. We would go to someone house and make dinner. Then we would study for finals together,” she said. “It’s the most fun thing to do, and we actually end up doing well on our finals.”

Fellow BC student Nicole Harris has similar study habits when it comes to approaching finals. “I’m all about group work,” she said. “I get about five of six of us together from my class and invite them to my house. We meet up, eat, maybe drink a little. Then we give everyone a job for what they are supposed to do. Then we all come together at the end and share with each other what we have. This makes everything easier,” Harris said. This seems to be a common thing for students, but not every student feels this way.

Students like Roger Smith and Monica Ortega don’t feel that working with friends or in groups will help them study for finals.

They feel like studying and preparing alone is the only way you can guarantee you’ll get everything covered.

“I don’t like studying with other people,” Smith said. “I never actually get to understand my finals studying when I’m with other people. It’s like we spend the whole entire time talking then get nothing done.”

“Yeah, or they make you do all the work. Every time I’m in a group project or studying I end up being the only one actually doing anything. It sucks, so I might as well work alone,” Ortega added.

If studying with friends, and studying alone doesn’t really work for you, BC is offering some other options to get you ready for finals.

From Nov. 28 through Dec. 1 in the Grace Van Dyke Bird Library, BC will be hosting De-Stress Fest.

It’s a four-day festival with events ranging from yoga to petting dogs.

“De-Stress fest is great. It’s happening during cool down week before finals week. The library is doing a bunch of cool stuff, and so is Fit Mind Body,” said Pablo Cervantes, president of the Fit Mind Body club.

Fit Mind Body, the Student Government Association, Student Health Center, Inner BodyWork, and Marley’s Mutts all came together to host this event. On Nov. 30, SGA is hosting a gingerbread decorating class.

On Dec. 1, there will also be therapy dogs donated by Marley’s Mutts.