Graffiti around the campus on political views

Brandon Cowan, Reporter

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Graffiti was found in multiple restrooms across campus that had words encouraging and bashing President Donald Trump and part of his platform.

The restrooms that had graffiti were at the men’s restroom in the library and the men’s and women’s restrooms at the BC Campus Center.

The text “Fuck Donald Trump” was written and “Fuck” had been crossed out with a different colored pen and replaced with “Love.” “Trump build the wall!” and “Ban the Muslims” were written above. Automotive technology major Carlos Venegas, 37, gave his opinion on the vandalized bathrooms.

“There should be a better way to express your opinion instead of making our school look as crappy as Donald Trump,” he said.

Raven Martinez, 19, who is studying biology, was also asked about the graffiti. “I think it’s bad to graffiti. I think there are other ways to vent your opinion other than writing on walls,” he said.

Jaine Alarcon, 19, who is majoring in criminology, found the writing to be “insensitive” and “offensive.”

He said, “I don’t think it’s the right way about doing it because it’s not their property. It’s just against the law, but I do understand how their emotions are a huge factor when it comes to that sort of thing.” History major Lidia Diaz, 21, said that she felt sad and scared about the writing.

“Not everybody who’s a Muslim is a terrorist,” Diaz said. “Not everybody who’s Mexican is a drug dealer.”

Director of Maintenance and Operations at Bakersfield College, Bill Potter, said that public safety takes pictures of the graffiti and then they cover it up.

“There have been areas where we’ve covered it up and it’s happened the next day or a couple of hours later, so we try to cover it up as quickly as possible,” Potter said.

As of Jan. 30, the graffiti in the women’s bathroom at the BC Campus Center was covered.

The graffiti in the men’s restroom at the Campus Center had been added to. “Love” crossed out with “Have a reactionary stance on,” and the words “Get in the fucking Bag, Nebby” were written above.

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