SGA planning on going green

Alexandra Apatiga, Reporter

Recently the issue of there not being enough recycling bins on the Bakersfield College campus has reached Bakersfield College Student Government Association, as officers and senators alike are beginning to tackle the issue.
The matter was first brought to the attention of SGA through a public presidential forum, also known as “Cafecito Time with the President,” held by SGA President Dezi Von Manos. There the point in question was brought up as a concern for waste management on campus, and the lack of recycle bins being anywhere on campus besides the Campus Center.
Emmanuel Limaco, the Chair of the Committee on Advancement and a sitting member on the Facilities and Sustainability Committee, has since been exploring possible solutions.
“When it comes to students and issues they have on campus, we often have to work with multiple committees and departments to move forward, or investigate further to see if there is any persistent problem affecting students,” said Limaco. “While we are all aware of the problem and may have ideas to solve it, it isn’t something we can do much about until funding is handled and we as SGA have no control over that.”
According to Limaco, they can only make the lack of recycle bins on campus known to the Facilities and Sustainability Committee.
As of right now, the current placement of recycle bins is located within the Campus Center, as well as inside the cafeteria, both popular hangout areas for students. However, Limaco further explained that other areas on campus such as the Renegade Crossroads are equally popular and have no access to recycling bins for students.
“If we’re successful in acquiring new recycling bins on campus, then the Renegade Crossroads area, the Gym Huddle area, as well as the CSS lawn, PAC building, and the walkway from the Humanities building to the solar panel parking lot are all possible locations we are considering to have these bins placed,” said Limaco.
According to Limaco, he has already contacted the Facilities and Sustainability Committee to assist them in this endeavor, which they have agreed to.
“So far it is an idea that we have, brought to us by a student with the hope that we can make it happen for the good of the BC campus,” said Limaco.