BC students upset about recent parking closure


Issy Barrientos

A line of CATS not being used.

Issy Barrientos, Reporter

The last issue of the Renegade Rip published a story about Maintenance and Operations starting to use the funds from Measure J to resurface the stadium and softball parking lots with asphalt.

Luis Lopez, a second-semester student, said that the closure of the parking lot has made it more difficult to find parking. He also said that it was not a smart move to commence the maintenance during the middle of the semester. A suggestion that he had is to allow students to park in the restricted areas and that security should move further down. Lopez said he needs to get here an hour early just to find parking. “Paid for parking, but the parking went to shit,” Lopez said.

Paulette Sanchez, a six-semester student, echoed Lopez’s opinion about the maintenance occurring at a “terrible time.” Sanchez, just like Lopez, feels “a little ripped off,” as she paid for parking but cannot park where she paid to park. Sanchez said she needs to leave 20 mins early to find parking. She also wants more security.

Cristian Flores, a second-year student, feels indifferent toward to closure. He has not been late to class, and still gets here at the same time. He suggested that there should be more security at night. Flores said, “Something that has to be done,” about the renovations, which he is happy about.

A CAT smoothing out the carved landscape.

Mayson Jones, a second-year student, thinks that it is stupid that maintenance is happening during the school year. She said that people in here classes have brought up the issue. Even though she has $10 parking, she feels that the people that parked closed to the stadium are at a disadvantage. She also wants more security.

Tristen Bradox, a second-year student, has to get up earlier but has not been late to class. He is fine with the maintenance work.

Jorge Gonzalez is a first-semester student who is not affected by the parking lot closure, but his classmates have told him that they are late to class because they have to park further or that it takes them longer to find a parking spot. He supports the idea of more security because he rarely sees them. He said that it would make students feel safer knowing that their cars are protected. The reason he does not park here is because the parking lot does not look nice, so he is looking forward to the reopening.

Clarisse Aguinaldo, a second-semester student, parks by the baseball field “just for a long walk.” She is not affected by the parking lot maintenance. She supports the idea of more security to feel safe due to the school shootings that have occurred throughout. She said that none of her classmates have been delayed by construction either.

Natalie Martinez, a three-year student at BC, is upset about the closure. Since the lots have closed, she has been late to class three times which made her get to class half an hour early. “They had summer and winter,” Martinez said. She is also upset that she cannot get a refund for her parking. She was shocked when she found out that the funds for Measure J also went to the renovation of the of the parking lot. She also thought that the maintenance meant more parking spots. She wants more security so that they can use their “little carts,” to give rides to students to get them to class.

Christina Gonzales, the executive secretary of the Office of Public Safety, assured that the maintenance will not conflict with the commencement ceremony in May as the resurfacing should be finished by April 27. She also said cadets and officers are patrolling that area.