BC pantry’s new location offers less room but better service for students


Logan King

The Renegade Pantry has a variety of canned goods available to students.

Logan King, Reporter

With the demolition of the old campus center, The Renegade Pantry has been uprooted from its previous location. The pantry has been moved to the Levinson Hall just behind the library and book store. 

This change in venue has created some new hurdles for the pantry and its workers. 

“A lot of people get lost… not a lot of people know about it,” said Nallely Sanchez the Renegade Pantry Coordinator. 

However, this move is not all bad for the pantry, Sanchez explained. Though it is now in a smaller space, there is more room for students to move around and take advantage of all the food available. The old space had double the shelving for storage but less space for storage. 

According to Sanchez, the old pantry shared space with the nursing and health departments. The space in Levinson Hall is dedicated solely to the pantry. Thus, students are being served with greater efficiency and enjoyment. The new campus center does have a larger space designed for the pantry due for 2020.  

The Renegade Pantry is a resource for students in need of food ranging from family meals to a quick snack. All BC students have access to the pantry. A student just needs to present a current BC ID card. A current class schedule is only acceptable in lieu of an ID as there were issues printing ID cards. 

Every week a student can collect their allotted nine points for food. More points are available to students in need of more. 

“Students never get less, only more,” Sanchez said.

The food available comes from donations and contracts with grocery stores around Bakersfield. There is a wide variety of choices from instant noodles for something quick to beans, rice, and meat for a family meal. 

If a student is not in need of food other things are available to them. Clothing and toiletries are available for the same points given for food. 

With the cost of tuition and books students can have a hard time affording food, and The pantry is designed with that in mind. No student is turned away and all are welcome to take advantage. 

Logan King
The new Renegade Pantry is smaller in size but has an abundance in inventory. BC students are welcome to stop by with their student ID.