BC’s THEA B2A and B2B showcases Valentines Day performance

Jasmin Velezquez, Reporter

Bakersfield College THEA B2A and B2B classes performed a free Valentine’s Day themed show on Feb 13. The show consisted of improv games and monologues describing love and heartbreak.

“It took about 4 or 5 classes to get everything together,” said BC professor Kimberly Chin. Students stopped by to watch enjoyed the show. It made people laugh as the performers gave funny quotes from movies, music, and shows. BC student, Yesenia Chavez shared her thoughts on the events.

“It was a good show and really enjoyed,” she said.

The event took place at the Renegade Food Court that it is an open area. It caused a few students to see the show due to the windy weather that day. Francisco Ruiz, BC student said, “It was windy and cold but I got to see the last half of the show and I liked it.”

Even though due to the cold and windy weather the show proceed as performers smiled and danced.

Kathy Avila, BC student said, “I enjoyed it while I was on my break.” The event had some adult content and language.

Although it had some mature language it was still appropriate for kids to watch. As students waited for their food students and employers watched the show and laughed.

“They should have more events like these,” said Kenneth Lugo, BC student “It was entertaining to watch.”

As the event was going the performers wanted volunteers to participate but people were shy. One person freely offered to participate and got a chance to take out a piece of paper which lead them to their first play.

Sandra Guardado, BC student said, “It was a good show but needed more.”Guardado also said, “I liked it but it was a little bit boring towards the middle of the show.”

The show continued with each performer saying quotes from music and movies such as Taylor Swift, The Fault in our Stars, Selena and much more. They also included inspiring quotes which got people’s attention.

Olivia Aguilar, BC student said, “I like how they turned the quotes into something funny.” As the show was about to end all the performers thanked everyone that was there to see them and they hoped they enjoyed the show.

The show ended when each performer got to say their quote. They also provided candy and stickers to the public that were there supporting them.