Pa’l Norte Mexican Cuisine food truck on BC campus is not lacking meal options

Logan King, Reporter

Haley Duval
Students waiting in line to get their order taken from the Pa’l Norte Mexican Cuisine food truck located in the Huddle on BC campus.

The recent demolition of the Campus Center has left students without a cafeteria. 

The current cafeteria, now located in the Huddle, does offer options just not as many as before. 

However, students are not lacking in meal options. 

There have been a series of food trucks making an appearance on campus just outside the Huddle. 

One truck you should not miss is Pa’l Norte Mexican Cuisine, you can catch them here at BC nearly every day of the week.

Good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Pa’l Norte provides classic Mexican staples like tacos, burritos, and tortas. These dishes are deceptively simple and aren’t as foolproof as one might imagine. `

So often can Mexican cuisine fall victim to dry unseasoned proteins or salsa with no kick. 

Pa’l Norte has no such problems. They play all the hits, and very well. 

For breakfast, the burrito is great. It comes with three options: ham, bacon, and chorizo. 

For only $7 the chorizo is the way to go. Spare no ingredient of this burrito and you will be very happy. It was extremely flavorful and supplied the right amount of heat. 

For lunch, tacos are usually a safe bet but this truck makes them a necessity. Available in all the meats you could imagine. 

On the familiar end, there is pollo, asada, chorizo, and al pastor. However, they also provide all the delicious extras like buche, lengua, and cabeza. 

All are done well but the al pastor is the winner. Paired with their salsa verde and a horchata you’ll be glad you chose Pa’l Norte. 

They do run out of certain proteins on occasion but that is simply a sign of its quality.

When it comes to dinner their torta is a great option. Tortas are served with beans, avocado, crema, lettuce, tomato, and salsa. They are packed with flavor and leave you fully satisfied. Pa’l Norte is a simple place and that might be their best quality. 

To do a simple thing well is often the most difficult. They have great recipes and a great model. Ideally, that would not change. 

Visit Pa’l Norte with the intention of spending $10 and you will be well rewarded. 

They provide excellent service that is friendly and quick. However, without that, the food itself could stand alone. 

If you can’t find them on campus, chances are they’re not far. 

They also set up at the Chevron on the corner of Oswell and Auburn, just one exit east of Mt. Vernon on Highway 178.