The Industrial Technology and Transportation Career Expo gives BC students opportunities


Amy Sarmiento

The career expo prepared students who are majoring in automotive, engineering, mechanics, architecture, construction, welding, electronics, woodworking, manufacturing, HVAC, and more.

Amy Sarmiento , Reporter

The Industrial Technology and Transportation Career Expo was at the Huddle Center in Bakersfield College on April 11. 

The event included many companies looking to hire students who are majoring in the fields of engineering, mechanics, architecture, automotive, construction and more. 

Employers and students had the opportunity to meet and discuss their interests, requirements, and experiences to work in their industry. 

Some students were able to ask questions about possible futures with those industries, others came prepared to commit and speak directly with the employers about internship opportunities or being hired.

The expo was organized by Carlos Medina and Katie Makaiwi from the CTE department for the Industrial Technology and Transportation Pathway.

“It’s important to have pathway specific career expos because it makes better sense for the employers to have an audience of potential employees who are interested in their industry,” Medina said.

Some of the companies and employers who attended the expo were FedEx, Philips 66 Pipeline LLC, and Aera Energy. 

BC Job Placement and Career Center were also available to students searching for additional experience or on-campus jobs. 

“We prepared for this event by staying connected with our employer partners to better assist them in bridging the gap of education and employment,” Medina said.

“I didn’t know about the career expo today, but I stopped by to see what it was about and got some helpful information about the types of jobs available for my major,” BC student Karoline Cisneros said.

The career expo is an annual event each spring semester and will continue to help students plan for their future and discover career opportunities for themselves after graduating.

Amy Sarmiento
Students asked employers questions about future internships or job opportunities with many companies and industries such as Aera Energy, FedEx, and Philips 66 Pipeline LLC.