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Jarrod M. Graham

September 20, 2001

Welcome to the online edition of The Renegade Rip. The World Wide Web opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and the mission of this online edition is to provide a voice and tone that is different from that of our print edition. We don’t want our Web site to simply be some cyberspace knock-off of our print edition with nothing but all the same stories and photos...

COLUMNGovernment needs to deliver swift justice

Ty Hardin

September 13, 2001

From a bathroom on Flight 77, Barbara Olson calls her husband on her cell phone while terrorists are flying the hijacked jet toward the Pentagon. According to CNN, she gives her husband a plethora of information about the hijacking before her plane crashes into the Pentagon, killing everybody on board. She took a late flight, Flight 77, to have breakfast with her husband. This...

COLUMNAmericans should not rush to judgment

Ty Hardin

September 13, 2001

What most people do not think about is the backlash from our own citizens, against our fellow Americans. "Why do they even let those ragheads in our country?" "You know they're all in on it." "They should all be rounded up so we know where they are." These are the sentiments I have heard around Bakersfield from all types of people. Americans are angry and they will lash...

Letter to the Editor for Sept. 14, 2001

September 13, 2001

Muslims saddened, fearful of backlash by public These horrendous actions contradict the beliefs of the Islamic religion. The Muslim Student Association of Bakersfield College deeply regrets the terrorist and extremist acts against Americans by alleged Muslim or Islamic terrorist/extremists. It saddens us greatly that innocent lives were lost. But we, American Muslims don'...

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