The Renegade Rip

YES!/NO!High school movie with a twist: ‘Saved!’ entertains

June 23, 2004

YES! Painting nail polish crosses on your toes and chanting "Jesus rules!" doesn't seem like the cool thing to do, but in "Saved!" being openly religious is the only thing to do. This satire of a Christian high school pokes fun at intense religious faith but does not offend. The film follows several teenagers. Some are on a one-way trip to salvation and others need to mak...

ClichÇs plague ‘Windtalkers’

Ian Hamilton
Tehachapi High School

June 26, 2002

A bad imitation of some great movies appeared in theaters earlier this month. "Windtalkers" took all the elements of earlier action flicks and meshed them together into a film that failed on all fronts. Telling the story about the use of the Navajo language as a code in World War II was a great idea for a film, but it was executed poorly. A pathetic love story, predictable...

Damon brings life to dark ‘Bourne Identity’

Anne Kleinsasser
Bakersfield High School

June 26, 2002

He is Jason Bourne, John Michael Kane and a score of other names, but throughout "The Bourne Identity," Matt Damon's character has no identity, a factor that makes the movie interesting and gives this espionage thriller an edge. In "The Bourne Identity," Damon awakes from an amnesiac's sleep to find himself on a fishing boat near Marseilles, his only possessions a laser-pointer-like...

Spielberg, Cruise combo creates sci-fi thriller in ‘Minority Report’

Daniel Cacopardo
East Bakersfield High School

June 26, 2002

Steven Spielberg has done it again. He is known for a great variety of movies and action far better than the rest, but "Minority Report" goes even further. "Spielberg pushes the PG-13 level as far as he could," said Matt Keaveny, a viewer of this movie. "Minority Report" includes a brief yet explicit sexual scene, conversation about murders, a suicide, brief explicit language...

‘Juwanna Mann’ scores with laughs in comedy about women’s basketball

Ashley Owens
Bakersfield High School

June 26, 2002

Hitting screens with roaring laughter, "Juwanna Mann" opened earlier this month. The movie stars Miguel A. Nunez Jr., who plays Jamal Jeffries, an all-star basketball player with a bit of an ego problem. Although Jamal has squeezed by the punishment of the NBA board, he goes too far when he lets his temper get the best of him. He soon finds himself in a heap of trouble when...

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