Column: No good choice found in the polling booth in 2016


Dylan Bryant

Dylan Bryant, Reporter

I’m not happy about my choices this November. For years I’ve thought about the ways our elections are set up to fail the voter. From big money donors, to gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts across the country, there are so many things that need to be fixed about our election process, and neither of the major parties are interested in doing so. This past year has been so full of ups and downs that I feel as if I was part of a major shift in the way Americans think, a shift not reflected in our options.

I was a Bernie supporter from the time he announced his campaign. The Democratic Party has failed progressives for 15 years. The Iraq war, the war on drugs, rising inequality, criminal justice reform, single payer healthcare, rising tuition, the list goes on. I know Hillary Clinton is a former Wal-Mart Board Member, I know she sponsored the 1994 crime bill, I know she takes in millions for speeches to Wall St. and I hate these things about her. I find it evil that she panders to those dismantling the middle class and for that I don’t consider her a liberal, she’s a moderate, a neo-liberal.

I don’t engage in the politics of fear. I didn’t fear Mitt Romney becoming president of the United States. I didn’t fear John McCain becoming president as a middle schooler, though I understood the thought of Sarah Palin being president was unsettling. Those men were qualified, experienced public servants with sound judgement. And in another election, I might refuse to vote for Hillary, or vote for Jill Stein, who’s platform I agree with more.

But this is an election unlike any I’ve seen before. The United States of America faces an existential threat in Donald J. Trump, a man who does not understand the concept of mutually assured destruction and asks why we don’t use nuclear weapons. A man who wants to forcibly deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants to an unsafe country. A man who wants to kill the families of terrorists, an act of genocide. A man who does not understand the constitution, and disrespects the first amendment by barring journalists from his events. A man who suggests we turn our back on allies that can’t afford our protection. A man who suggests Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama, and spends his days retweeting neo-Nazis and white supremacists. A man who suggested he can “do anything” he wanted to women, and then a dozen women came forward saying he did just that.

And while I do agree more with Stein’s platform, and while I probably could safely cast my ballot for her and expect Clinton to take California, I feel as if doing so would be backing down from the choice those in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and South Carolina are making. And I’m not too disappointed about that, because while Stein is right on most issues, she is inexperienced, she panders to pseudoscience and she hasn’t released her tax returns. I can’t say these things about Clinton.

My stomach churns at the thought of this man being president of the country I love. And yeah I’m tired of neo-Liberalism. The 13 million people who voted for Bernie Sanders are too. But I’m following his advice. On Nov. 8, we need to vote for Hillary to protect our country from Donald Trump. And on Nov. 9, the revolution continues.