Good skin is beneath a mask

Kylie Hendrickson, Reporter

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Face masks are a necessity when it comes to maintenance of the skin. Just like hair, skin needs a weekly treatment to nourish, detox and replenish damage that’s been done. Especially if you drink or smoke, as these activities can wreak havoc on your skin making it dehydrated, blotchy, and prone to more breakouts. Using a mask just once a week before bed can help m a i n t a i n your skin’s hydration and keep it bright despite your activities.

There are hundreds of thousands of different brands out there to choose from, all ranging from a few bucks to even a few thousand dollars. The ones I personally use are within a great price range that anyone can afford. Tony Moly is one of my absolute favorite brands. It’s a Korean brand that sells sheet masks among other beauty products. Sheet masks have been all the rage this past year, and have been more accessible with more and more different brands producing their own type of sheet masks. Ultimately, I still stick with Tony Moly because it’s extremely affordable. Their prices of sheet masks range from only $1 to $8 each and can be purchased online or in Bakersfield at Ulta, located in the Marketplace.

When using sheet masks, you only need to keep it on your face for 15 to 30 minutes. The  convenience of not having to wash off the product after use has made it an easy and affordable way to get an immediate glow.

Besides using masks once a week, I also tend to use them before a social event, job interview, or anywhere important I might be going the next day. It gives me a brighter complexion, and help my makeup stay on longer.

Another favorite is the brand Fresh; their rose face mask is my choice. It’s a light, almost gel type consistency, that is extremely hydrating because it’s infused with real rose petals. Plus, the smell is amazing. This can also be purchased in stores at Sephora or online at Sephora. com for $62. Peel off masks have also become more popular within the last year thanks to well-known beauty lovers like Jeffree Star. He regularly posts on Snapchat his process of peeling off his masks and talks about his affinity for skin care. Glamglow is a favored peel off mask that also caters to different skin types. Their Gravitymud firming treatments in the silver-andblue tubs are the most sought after because it contains mega-targeted ingredients that work together to help skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined.

Korres is the last brand that I’m currently loving and has great prices among their huge line of different items. The one I use is the Greek yoghurt advanced nourishing sleeping facial. It is to be used only before bed and is another mask that has no need to wash off after its use.

Korres can be purchased online at Sephora or in stores and is only $19 for .47 ounces and $45 for 1.35 ounces. Being in college full time and working makes it extremely difficult to keep up on taking care of my skin. That is why I personally chose masks that  work for me, are quick and give me results that I desire.

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