‘Resist’ a word to live by

Daulton James Jones

Daulton James Jones

Daulton James Jones, Reporter

It makes me so sad that this is going to be my final column. This has made me so happy being able to write about these topics all semester. During the time between last edition and this one, I was going back and forth with what I should write. I literally had a list that kept growing longer every day, but the one thing that kept coming to mind was the word RESIST. Toward the end of last year, I wrote in my journal some words that I want to live by, and at the top of that list was RESIST.

Considering the events that had been going on toward the end of last year it made sense why I wrote that then, but now, months later, the same word follows me. We’re nearing the middle of the year right now, and I feel like we are having to deal with so much bullshit. Whether it be from politics spewing out hate towards middle eastern people or Sean Spicer being ill informed on the atrocities that took place during the holocaust. To observe the ways in which women and minorities are being treated in the public and the media.

It’s exhausting how much trash is being thrown our way from every single direction. To the point that I find myself being emotionally exhausted every time I watch the news or go on Twitter. Constantly there’s an argument going on between both extremes, but what about the people in the middle? There’s this overload of hate circulating from all sides. The liberals hate everything about the conservatives, and vice versa. The religious people are trying to find ways to create their own police to protect their laws, and then there’s everyone else trying to decipher the bullshit from the facts.

It saddens me how many people are “drinking the Kool-Aid” these days. They are so happy just going along through life just believing whatever they are being told. Following behind whatever person in power tells them in correct. It is appalling to me how many people are okay with this! For everyone like myself who are not going to stop using our brains to decipher the bullshit from the facts I simply want to tell you RESIST! Don’t let this hate spouting Chester Cheetah “president” get to you with all the negativity coming out of his administration. RESIST! “Black Lives Matter” activists DeRay Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie posted a link to ressitancemanual.org where it basically just keeps you informed on all the changes that are going on within our country, and becoming aware that harsh changes could be happening to you as well.

I want you all to RESIST the hate circulating around. It’s so easy to go online and get some Twitter courage because you’re behind a computer screen, and go on a full-fledged attack on someone in 180 character or less. Bashing people and being negative is easy, It’d be so easy for me to go outside and read somebody down until there’s nothing left, but actually uplifting those you have differences with is harder.

Trying to understand the contrast between your two ideas, that is way more meaningful than being a troll. RESIST the hate of the world, and protect your magic. (Yes that is a Solange Knowles reference.)