Escape in games

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Escape in games

Brandon Cowan, Web Editor

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A way that video games help people is by providing a means to escape from the terrible things that are happening in someone’s life.

I have never been comfortable with talking to people that I do not know. School has always been a nuisance for me, and I do not like to actively go outside in this hot Bakersfield weather.

Video games have been a part of my life ever since I was a kid. I started playing video games before I can even remember. The earliest memory I have of me playing video games is playing “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.”

It was not an easy time in my life. My parents fought with each other and my brother and I would always try to turn the TV volume up so that we could focus on playing video games.

Later on, when I was in high school I dreaded going to school every day for a portion of my first year there because I did not know anyone there. All I looked forward to was coming home in order to play video games on my PC.

Playing video games online gives me an opportunity to meet people from across the planet. I have met people from across the United States, Canada, Europe, and even Russia. I have heard many stories from other people that I can relate to – that is to escape from some conflict that is going on in their life by playing video games.

There was this one person that I met that was depressed and the way that he would deal with it was by playing video games. We met by playing a game called “Dark Souls III.” This game has a player versus player element. I have always liked trying to be the best at video games, but this game really captured my interest. I have participated in international and North American based tournaments. The person that I met was also good at this video game, but we connected with each other because of how we escape from reality by playing video games. I talk to him every so often to get updates on what is going on with his life to make sure that he is doing fine.

Video games bring people together for a number of reasons, but the reason why it is different from a hobby like painting, is because that it brings social outcasts together who would otherwise be lost in life.

When someone tells me that I should change who I am just because society says so, I think about playing more video games. I do not want to change myself just because I should be like everyone else around me.

Society is not built around introverts. In order to get a job, a person has to be outgoing by going out to different companies, presenting yourself in a way that shows confidence and shows that you can talk to people without any problems.

Escapism by playing video games can be a good way to find relief, but sometimes it can take a toll. Gamers stay in their room and do not leave except to get food, if it is not already in their room, and to use the bathroom.

Some people shut themselves in and play video games to get away from a society that does not award introverts, because changing who you are is not something that can be done so easily.

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