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Harassed by losers

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Harassed by losers

Brandon Cowan, Web Editor

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Chances are, if you have played an online video game, you have been harassed in some way.

From personal experience, the times when people have harassed me the most in a video game is when I play “Dark Souls III.”

From playing video games for over a decade, I have gotten good at a few games. “Dark Souls III” is a video game where I have gotten particularly good, with proof being that I won a North America versus Europe tournament on Sept. 16.

Whenever I play this game, I hop in the public matchmaking system and start playing against random people from around the world. It is pretty easy playing against these random people, and sometimes these people that I beat start posting comments on my Steam profile. These comments are public and anyone going to my profile can see them.

One of the comments from the Steam user apocalyptic was, “complete faggot.”

Another user named Besatt called me a “Poor lil shitstain.”

There are other comments on my Steam profile expressing their hatred of me on my profile.

All of the 13 pages of comments that are bashing me are from gamers that are sore losers. For some reason, these people cannot take that someone is better than them and they just take all of their anger out on the person who beat them.

In order to understand the next comments I am going to quote, you need to know that the term “r1” is a button on a PlayStation controller that is used to attack. There are some other terms that cannot be understood unless you play “Dark Souls III.”

The Steam user Elf commented, “I love it when I fight someone who lags so bad that they can backstab me as i (sic) roll into their face and then proceeds to r1 spam and running r1 spam a cucksword.”

I read this comment and decided to go to his profile and he only had 40 hours in the game when he wrote this comment on my profile.

So I replied to his comment and typed, “You should probably play the game for more than 40 hours before you act like you understand how pvp works in DS3.” The term “pvp” stands for player-versus-player.

After I wrote that, he then started blaming the game for his loss.

Elf wrote, “The fact that anyone has to play a game for 1000+ hours of a game to understand why its (sic) broken and why thats okay is pathetic. And im not new to dark souls, just to 3 and its pvp is flaming garbage when it comes to hit reg.”

This person is such a sore loser that he says that it should not take someone hundreds of hours in order to be good at something.

I have gotten a surplus amount of hatred on my Steam profile just because I am good at the game.

This is something that all gamers have to live with if they play video games online.

Thankfully, there are ways to combat this, in which the ability to disable people from commenting on your profile can be restricted.

The only reason that I let people comment on my profile is because it is pretty damn funny to see people get angry at me because they lost at a video game.

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Harassed by losers