Midseason NFL power rankings and three-word game


Tyler Frost

Tyler Frost, Reporter

We have seen a wildly entertaining NFL season thus far. We have reached the midway point in the season, which is a fitting time for all teams to assess where they stand on the football hierarchy. This list is a reminder that not all win-loss records are created equally. These teams are ranked in order of best to worst considering many factors. These factors include strength of schedule, current record, talent, coaching, and their overall play thus far in all three phases of football (offense, defense, and special teams). They are broken down into tiers based on their current standing in the NFL, and how well each team is built to compete in the second half of the season. All win-loss records are retroactive to Oct. 28 2019, the conclusion of Week 8. In addition, we will play the three-word game to define each squad and their outlook on the rest of the seasons.

Super Bowl Contenders

1.New England Patriots (8-0); Surprisingly Legendary Defense

2.New Orleans Saints (7-1); Winning Without Brees

3.Green Bay Packers (7-1); Rodgers Has Help

4.San Francisco 49ers (7-0); Who’ve They Played?

5.Seattle Seahawks (6-2); Wilson for MVP

6.Kansas City Chiefs (5-3); Andy Reid’s Offense

Ultra-Competitive Playoff Teams

7.Minnesota Vikings (6-2); Kirk’s Stepping Up

8.Houston Texans (5-3); The Watson Show

9.Los Angeles Rams (5-3); Getting Very Desperate

10.Dallas Cowboys (4-3); Boys Are Back

11.Baltimore Ravens (5-2); Can Lamar Throw?

Wild Card Teams to Watch Out For

12.Indianapolis Colts (5-2); No Luck Needed

13.Philadelphia Eagles (4-4); Better Get Healthy

14.Buffalo Bills (5-2); Record Tells Lies

15.Detroit Lions (3-3-1); Best Average Team

16.Carolina Panthers (4-3); Will Cam Return?

Mid-Tier Teams with Potential

17.Chicago Bears (3-4); Trubisky or True-Bust

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4); Figured It Out

19.Cleveland Browns (2-5); Fire Freddy Kitchens

20.Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4); Better Without Ramsey?

21.Tennessee Titans (4-4); Tannehill over Mariota

22.Los Angeles Chargers (3-5); League’s Biggest Wildcard

Entertaining Underdogs

23.Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1); Defense Doesn’t Matter

24.Oakland Raiders (3-4); Gruden Establishing Culture

25.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5); Jameis or JameIsn’t

26.New York Giants (2-6); Exciting Young Core


27.Denver Broncos (2-6); Most Boring Team

28.New York Jets (1-6); Bell Needs Ball

29.Atlanta Falcons (1-7); Superbowl to This?

30.Washington Redskins (1-7); Throw Haskins In

31.Cincinnati Bengals (0-8); Dalton Finally Benched

High School Equivalent

32.Miami Dolphins (0-7); Winless Season Impending