Bad first dates

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

First dates. Probably the scariest two words in a young adult’s life, or maybe at any age in general. The nerves kick in, you overthink every small detail about yourself. Do you dress casually? In 2020 it’s “hmm don’t forget your mask.”
Obviously, people are still taking precautions since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, but since some guidelines are being lifted, going out isn’t as difficult as it was in March.
First dates are really good for establishing a foundation, finding out if you have chemistry, common interests, if you’re attracted to each other. You get to know someone’s boundaries, which is highly important.
On the other hand, I’m sure we have all had at least one bad date… I sure have. I remember one-time last December a guy “took me out on a date.” It was not a date because I ended paying for everything myself. Opinions on whether or not the women should pay on the first date is a whole other conversation, so we can get back to that one day.
But anyway… he took me out and out of nowhere this man started to take pictures of me. He was taking pictures of me on Snapchat and sent them to his friends. In his defense, he said he did this because he thought I was pretty; I mean that’s nice and all, but that’s also really creepy. I never called that dude back.
I interviewed a classmate from my Biology course, and we were talking about bad first dates. Her name is Cassandra Vargas and she said, “I had a guy take me out once and he ended up getting super wasted at the restaurant, I mean it was happy hour but we were on a date? I ended up calling his friend to pick him up, and then I got stuck with the bill. He ended up paying me back but c’mon man on the first date? He asked for another chance, but I said no, that’s way too embarrassing.”
It is also so fascinating how much everything in the dating world has changed, especially after not getting that call or text back after hanging out. Nowadays we call it ghosting.
Ghosting is when a person cuts off all communication with you, with zero warning or notice beforehand.
Have people really thought about how crazy and fascinating dating is. Think about it, a complete stranger catches your attention in some way and you want to get to know them, and you know nothing about this person, but you find a complete stranger attractive and it’s like you get an urge to just want to take that next step because you like them. You go on that date with them and it’s nothing you expected. So many possible outcomes resurface from just getting to hang out with a stranger.