WWE creates new reality show: NXT

Taylor Jensen, Reporter

Taylor Jensen

NXT, a brand of WWE, started in 2010 as a reality show in a way on cable television and was WWE’s developmental system. The one-hour show showcased ridiculous obstacle courses, mediocre promos from up and coming superstars, and wrestling matches that weren’t very entertaining. With that said, it wasn’t taken seriously at all.

Fans saw NXT as boring and a joke and I couldn’t agree with them more. Back in 2010 and 2011, I saw firsthand what NXT was like live when it was televised at the Rabobank Arena. During the show, people would leave for a bathroom break or go get something to eat. Perhaps, people used that time before the main show, Smackdown, aired because NXT wasn’t important.

Little did people know, NXT was about to become the most popular wrestling show in the world.

In 2012, WWE legend, Triple H, took control of NXT and brought it to Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. Since then, NXT has produced its own championships, pay-per-views, home and live shows, and of course, its own superstars. Triple H has signed some of the most amazing talent from around the world and they have all made their own impact on the business. Easily, if it wasn’t for Triple H’s hard work and the superstars’ dedication, WWE probably wouldn’t be where it is today.

Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, just to name a few, all thrived in NXT and many went on to win world titles and main event WrestleMania’s. Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks are some of the top merchandise sellers in the company as of right now.

The newer stars that are still there such as Velveteen Dream (my favorite), Aleister Black, and Shayna Baszler, are all eventually going to be the top stars on the main roster. At least I hope because they all keep me entertained and hooked to the product.

That admiration of NXT from WWE fans has grown throughout the past five years and many consider NXT to be better than the main shows of WWE. Each of the weekly shows is action-packed and straight to the point. When a Takeover is weeks away, the weekly NXT shows are off the chart with drama, action, and harsh words that are straight from the heart. They make it feel that way!

Takeover’s have even been held in London before. Some random shows have been held at the Download festivals in London for the past few years. They are obviously held in cities across the United States and when they are, it’s like nothing else exists in that city because of the extreme popularity.

Just last month, a Takeover took place in Brooklyn, New York called NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4. It was a sold-out show and it showcased 5-star matches that had everyone jumping out of their seats and chanting “this is awesome!” These shows constantly remind me of exactly why I love professional wrestling so much. Due to the outstanding product, there’s no doubt that the company will be in good hands when Vince McMahon steps down and Triple H “takes over” the entire WWE.

Someday, I will work for NXT by writing or producing because it is my ultimate passion in life. Also, I would love to work with Triple H, my favorite wrestler of all time and the mastermind behind what is NXT.

“This. Is. N.X.T!” -Triple H to a massive Brooklyn crowd in 2015, at the beginning of NXT Takeover.