Violence has become a problem


With the recent rise in violence, it has made us wonder how people can be so cruel to one another. Look at what has gone on here in Bakersfield alone. Over the summer, it has seemed that people can barely get along with anyone.

If it isn’t some form of accident that we hear about, it’s about how someone was killed, often for a petty reason.

A few weeks ago, a staff member attended a vigil for a friend who was killed during a violent crime this summer. The outpouring of love that came from people who didn’t even know each other is what our community could use most.

Not senseless killings and riots, like we as a nation watched happening in Ferguson, Missouri over the last few weeks.

We’re not going to sit here and say that we agree with how the cops handled things, or even agree with how people responded, but at the same time, we can’t sit back and watch as wrongdoings occur on both sides.

Constantly in the media, it is always another story of how someone was killed or how the police attacked someone.

Daily, the police go out to protect their communities and not always is it done the way the community hopes they would do.

We have witnessed it from both sides, as some of us have family who are police officers, and we’ve also known and cared about those who were taken from this earth way to soon.

As a community, even as a nation, people need to see the harm that is coming from the all-out violence people have inflicted on one another.

There has to be a better solution to handling the situation, instead of having someone say, “Oh, I hate you so I think I’ll go ahead and kill you.”

This is not the way to handle a situation, if we all could just sit and show compassion and maybe even some understanding toward one another, maybe then the world would become a better place.

No, this isn’t advocating for some sort of new world peace order. It’s just one journalist seeing that all the hate, and all the crime, isn’t worth it anymore.

No one can say that if there were more peace in the world, it wouldn’t be a good thing.